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Tarpon Springs Downtown

tarpon springs trolleySpring Bayou in the downtown area of Tarpon Springs is possibly the most popular destination for all residents and tourists who congregate there to visit the 100 or more stores which are a value for the money and sell everything from antiques to artworks to curios. At night, Tarpon Springs downtown turns into a hang out for local bar patrons and window shoppers.

The appeal lies in the quaintness of the place where you can easily spend half a day browsing through the stores and the sheer Mediterranean feel given the number of Greek restaurants and mouthwatering foods on offer.

Downtown Tarpon Springs is connected to the rest of the city by means of the trolley. You can see sharks being fed and visit the Coral Sea Aquarium, cruise the Anclote River, or check out deep-sea fishing opportunities. Nearby, you can also see the sponge docks and sit through a screening of the movie showcasing the sponge industry while scrutinizing the authentic sponge boats being currently used. Spring Bayou is also the epicenter of the annual Epiphany celebrations. In the winter this region also sees the Manatees making it their habitat.

This region is a melting pot of cultures. Greek, the language and the culture around the sponge docks and downtown will top the list since Greek immigrants who came in the 19th century as sponge divers made this place their home. Spring Bayou also offers an eco-cruise through the fast disappearing mangrove swamps from where you can see bald eagles, dolphins, ospreys and manatees and pelicans.

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