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Tarpon Springs Beaches

Howard Park Tarpon Springs boasts of two very beautiful beaches hugging the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. The first, Sunset Beach is a comparatively lesser known beach located to the south of Howard Park, off Florida Avenue. It is very popular with the local residents as it offers ample area for group picnics, swimming, and boating. Also, it has amenities like barbeque grills and shelters with picnic tables, parking lots for cars  and bicycles and clean public washrooms.

With a name like Sunset Beach it is not necessary to spell out that this is a very romantic spot where to watch the sunset. Live music concerts are held between April and November. Best to bring your own seating and / or blankets. Entrance to the beach is free but pets and alcohol are not welcome.

The second beach, Fred Howard Park, is situated to the west of Florida Avenue. It spans 150 acres with a causeway stretching about a mile connecting the mainland with the area segregated for swimming. Open from 7:00 AM until sunset, this beach and adjoining park offers barbeque grills, picnic shelters, a play area for children, beach showers, public washrooms and fishing and windsurfing spots. The beach is also free and there is no charge for parking.

With white sands glittering in the sun, Howard Park also offers spectacular points for viewing spectacular sunsets. Bald eagles and the ospreys are a common sight here and tourists can see them flying about hunting for food. Other fauna visible here are the manatees and dolphins. Sunbathing and fishing are primary recreational activities on the beach.

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